Jon Dalton “Carousel”

Jon Dalton is a British born jazz guitarist of Native American descent. Prior to moving back to the US in 1999 Jon enjoyed a diverse career, firstly in Hard Rock & Heavy Metal and then working for ten years as a touring session musician playing everything from Top Forty to Disco, Classic Rock, Latin Jazz and Country Music.

Jon’s first American release “The Gift” from 2003 enjoys both critical and commercial success. It reached #1 on New York’s CIM Jazz Chart and continues, to this day, in rotation and sync worldwide.

In 2009 The Jon Dalton Trio released “Warm Ghosts (in a) Cold World” a Hammond Organ and guitar based recording hailed as a classic of the genre and held dear internationally by fans of the music. Vintage Guitar Magazine said: “…he continues to write the book for organ-trio jazz”. John Vincent Barron for called the release: a fine example of strong group interaction from three exceptional performers.

For his 2024 release “Carousel” Jon has looked to both his past and our future. Taking seven years to realize Jon, and a wide-ranging cast of musical collaborators have, on the encouragement of producer Richard E., pushed past boundaries of genre and influence. Although fundamentally still a jazz recording, the album delves into the lessons of a near 50 year career to present a suite of music that is as much musically diverse as it is singular in purpose; to offer the listener a thrilling and yet sensitive journey of musical discovery, skill and creativity.